Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Eye on Indonesia

Borobudur. Indonesia. Copyright lingo 1992
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There is a little story to this image. Back in 1991 as I was trying to eke out a living as a photographer on the Island of Bali, I was struck with an idea. What became of that idea was turned into a little cottage industry project, but thats another story.

In this image, I was trying to summarize the magic of indonesia, and showcase the necklaces from the cottage industry project. Through hours of experimentation, before DIGITAL photography tools were available, this image seemed to capture
the spirit of indonesia. The Stupa at Borobudur.

Umaid Bhawan Steps : A traveler

Mr Weinlet : Mock Cover Design
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This image was a simple shot with f22 on a 28mm canon lens shot on Kodachrome 64 at a low shutter speed. I like the kodachrome, it gives you a good deal of warmth and slide film rarely lies ! The rest of the graphics were in in photoshop. These days photographers have to keep track of the technology too, which seems to evolve faster than the train from Tokyo to Osaka !

Aman Nusa. Bali Copyright Lingo 1991
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Other Works : TV Production, Creative Director

New Years Eve 2004 Mengarah Fort : Rajasthan
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Travel Lingo in Jodphur December 2003
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India Jodphur Tents
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